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The Gun Bed Puts you in control during a home invasion. The Gun Bed offers hidden-in-plain-sight weapon storage, with quick-draw capabilities, specifically hidden shotgun storageor hidden rifle storage. In the event of a home invasion,hidden gun furniture is a safe way to store your home defense firearm. In our researchno other gun-hiding furniture can give lighting fast quick-draw access to your firearm, while still in bed!

This is a safer storage alternative than storing in a closet, under or beside your bed, and is also lockable during the day or when little ones are around.


A friend of mine and his wife woke up one night being tapped on the head with a crow bar. There were two men in their bedroom. One of the intruders had a small revolver. The first thing they did was to destroy the bedroom looking for another gun so they both could be armed. The next demand was to open the safe. After almost 7 hours of beatings, the robbers got what they wanted. Luckily, he and his family did survive, but not without some real scarring. With a gun bed the whole thing may have been stopped before he got out of bed. (To read the full story, click here)


Since the inception of the gun bed, I have talked to many people who keep a gun either in the closet or by the bed; it is either unloaded or loaded,and has a lock on it to protect children. Either one of these options could be too slow and get you killed if you’re awakened by the sound of an intruder in your home and if your firearm is safely tucked away in a gun safe, it may be of no use to you at all. Actually, getting into the safe might be of more use to bad guys, especially if they already have a weapon, crowbar, or knife. By opening your safe, you will assist them in being armed. I read and personally heard of that happening more than once. Your safe is only as safe as your ability to take a beating.

gun bed rifle


If the unfortunate event of a home invasion occurs while you’re in bed, and you believe a firearm should be used to protect yourself and your family, by placing your hands on the tip board directly above the pillows, palms up and with hands open, a little push will drop the firearm into your open hands. With a little practice you will be easily retrieving your firearm in a second or two.


Quick-draw access. There is a key lock to secure the firearm from small and untrained children. The cabinet above the spring-tensioned access door is a box with the only opening on the bottom. As long as it is locked it wouldn't matter if the headboard were removed and held in any direction, it will not release the firearm. This is not a gun vault or gun safe for storing multiple firearms. It is a locking cabinet. When unlocked, it allows fast access to a single firearm in event of a night-time home invasion.


We are located in southern Michigan.

The bed headboards are currently being manufactured by a professional cabinet maker who has been in business over twenty years. He is currently running about a 49,000 square foot cabinet shop with the capability of producing 50 to 100 headboards per week.

Yours will be built by a professional craftsman.


When the firearm drops into your hands, the muzzle will be pointing above and beyond your bed partner’s head. As you lift to bring it forward to point toward a threat, the natural handling (swinging muzzle first) will immediately bring the muzzle further away from your partner. At no time would they be in front of the muzzle if an accidental discharge were to occur. For this reason, I would NOT recommend using a pistol or a hammer-type shotgun. Additionally, your finger should not be on or near the trigger until the firearm is pointing at the potential threat.

Other safety notes: (just common sense really), orient your bedroom so you do not put your bed partner between the place where a threat can enter, and your firearm muzzle. Also be aware of where a bullet would travel in event you miss! Will it go through a wall is there another bedroom in the line of fire? While this is not a gun safety class, it is the responsibility of all gun owners to think things through to avoid accidents.


Being widowed twice by the age of 45 I realized the value of human life, loosing a loved one is about the hardest thing you can go through, I wanted to do my part to protect myself and my family, never wanting to be in that position again if I could do anything about it. One day my grand kids came over and ran down the hall to my room where I always had a shotgun beside the bed. Wanting to protect them, in this case from themselves. I thought long and hard about a better place to store that ugly shotgun. I wish I had thought of it years ago. I want to share this idea, to improve your life too. If your life can be improved by a gunbed please tell me how, and what is important to you about having one in your home. I would love to hear form you!
Thank you,


According to the crime Dr. a burglary occurs every 15 seconds. He has many other statistics on the web page also.

This could be you.

Hiding a shot gun in a bed just seemed like a good idea, because we should always be ready.
Why buy just another bed frame that does nothing other than hold a mattress? A Gun Bed puts you in control of a violent home invasion, and protects you and your family for the rest of your lives. Even if you live in a safe community now, with reports of increasing instability and the threat of economic or other disasters. It could just be a matter of time before even safe neighborhoods can start to look like war-zones. Your alarm system won't protect you if the power is out or the police are too busy with other events to respond to your request. Even if none of that happens, the gun bed will protect children from finding your shotgun, and thoroughly impress your friends!

Below are some links to News articles about night-time home invasions. While the actual invasion could not have been prevented by a gun bed, the result could have been drastically different if the home occupants had a gun bed.

In short, all of the situations below could have been controlled by the homeowner instead of the criminal.

home-invasion Blogs | Page 2 - masslive.comtopics.masslive.com/tag/home-invasion/posts.../a%3E‎The RepublicanNorthampton police investigating violent home invasion on North Street .... Joshua Komisarjevsky guilty on all 17 counts in Connecticut home invasion, murder trial ... counts of home invasion, one count of breaking and entering in the nighttime ...








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