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How safe is the Gun Bed with children?

Gun Bed recommends keeping the bed locked when children are around, with that in mind, nothing is safe where children are involved. Children aren’t safe. Children and beds aren't safe. They jump on beds and fall off. Children and firearms can be a disastrous combination, although much of that depends on the children because some are more responsible than others. It may sound like I'm kidding but anything can happen when children are involved. If a gun is hidden and locked it is less likely to accidentally shoot someone, be stolen, found by children, thieves, or house guests. Whether your children know your gun is in the headboard or not, if they are goofing around on the bed and do a somersault into the head board or one of them kicks like a billy goat, and kicks the tip board part of the headboard, they may gain access to your hidden firearm. If you think your children typically act like that, you really need to consider if a firearm is a good idea in your house.

The gun bed is a locking cabinet, not a gun safe.


What if I roll around at night and my arm hits the headboard, Will It fall on my face?

Not unless you use your face to push the tip board and release the gun. If you sleep like that the gunbed may not be for you. Most likely it would fall on your hand or arm but only if you push pretty hard, harder than just flopping a hand over your head. If that is a possibility you can adjust the spring tension to make the door stiffer to push.


Will I hit my wife in the head if I go for the gun in an emergency?

Only if she sits up during the process. Firearm training classes teach “you will respond the same way you train in an emergency”. Practice retrieving the firearm, with your wife next to you, and have her practice keeping her head down when you go for the gun. Practice by saying “duck” or some other command that means, “Don't sit up.” You might suggest your wife practice retrieving the firearm as well.

Always practice with the gun unloaded! If you have live rounds and pretend to shoot, it is not an accident. It is a negligent discharge and you are responsible for any damage caused by negligent discharges.


Can I use a pistol in my gun bed?

In a word NO. The gun bed is not designed for a pistol. The short barrel of a pistol could put someone else in bed with you in great danger. Additionally, you may miss the gun if your hand is in the wrong place when you push the tip board. You could miss the gun or just touch one end of the gun and it could spin around and who knows what might happen next. Whatever it is won't be good. A gun out of control is never good, best case it will just damage the finish on the headboard. Worst case, negligent discharge could occur, injuring or killing yourself or someone in bed next to you.


I'm a woodworker can I purchase plans for the gunbed?

Not yet. Maybe later this summer. The Illustrations are good but the instructions still need to be written.



Anything you do with a firearm involves a significant amount of risk. All firearm safety depends on you the firearm owner.


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