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The gun bed story




They laughed and said I was paranoid when I got a new gunbed, (a few weeks after the dollar collapsed)

But instantly, I became my families hero.

The 6 o’clock news anchor said the last of the government bailouts is apparently a failure inflation is now growing at a almost unpredictable rate. The Chinese and Russian leaders have made trade agreements with the the EU and many south American countries, and were no longer using the dollar as a world currency standard, as a result our weaker dollars were able to buy less and less. Gas and food prices prices have been steadily climbing since the early winter of 2014.

It is now the spring of 2015. the news anchor's on every channel were warning of Gangs or small groups of marauders robbing people and houses at an alarming increasing rate. Curfews and Martial law has been in effect for almost two months now ever since the government assistance checks quit coming and large sections of people could no longer afford to buy groceries or pay rent. Although not everyone opted to go there some people decided they would be better off with a life of crime other than living like livestock in a pen at an animal factory. The conditions in these over crowded places was deplorable and many people were dieing from infectious disease or, other over crowding symptoms. Every fema camp across the country now had mass graves dug not far from the camp.

Life out side the camp wasn't much better even with the guard and police patrols. There were gun shots and homes being ransacked and pillaged every single night.

John was a regular guy much like you. He grew up in the suburbs of Southern Michigan, studied hard in school, and eventually joined the rat race many consider to be “chasing the American dream”. But something had happened that threatened all of those dreams, and it started with the events of the market crash of 2008.

John started paying more attention to the economy around him and how the world economy was functioning. As desperate people ran out of the necessities like food and water, he learned that they would do anything to get those supplies for themselves and children rather than suffer the slow painful death of starvation.

So, John, being a guy that would do anything to help almost anyone, began searching for ways to tell if there was a threat to our way of life here in America. What he learned was frightening. Every fiat currency has a lifespan of about 100-200 years and we were well over the 200 year mark. But this is America… we are different. This country was built on good values and morals with integrity. We should be safe, right? After further research he learned the decline was almost the same in every country.

Then, one fateful night just like any other night, a strange vehicle was driving down his street. It stuck out like a sore thumb, going noticeably slower than the posted 25 MPH speed limit. The car held two unsavory, violent looking men. They seemed to be studying each house in the neighborhood carefully, talking and pointing as they moved down the street.

John called a couple of his neighbors to warn them of his observations, making sure that all of his alarms were set, doors and windows were locked. After the children were tucked in, he loaded his pistol and placed it on the nightstand.

“There, that should do it,” he said to himself. Later, John and his wife had trouble falling asleep. Even though they both knew they had done all that they could to prepare for the worst, it just didn’t seem to be enough.

In the morning, they awoke to the sound of police and ambulance sirens. Shortly afterwards was a loud pounding on the door; it was part of the police SWAT team—they were doing house-to-house checks to verify the wellbeing of the residents. They would not give any information other than they were looking for a couple of criminals whose car was still in the neighborhood. John looked down the street and saw that same car, the one he saw earlier, inching through the street, looking for a victim. An eerie feeling was in the air.

A few weeks later after the excitement seemed to be all over, John ran into his neighbor at the store. He lived just a couple of doors down. His arm was in a sling, and he had scars left behind from stitches above his eye.

With a concerned look, John exclaimed “What happened to you?!” Knowing, but not knowing any of the details.

The neighbor responded that his family was moving and they no longer felt safe in their neighborhood. He reluctantly began to give the details of the event that happened a few weeks earlier.

Around midnight, a couple of hours after he and his wife had gone to bed, he was woken up by a tapping on his head. A man with a metal bar was standing above his bed. As his eyes focused through the pain, he saw a second man at the foot of his bed with a pistol pointing directly at him. The first man asked him if he had any guns in the house. After he told him he did not, the man took the drawer out of the night stand and dumped its contents. Then the other man made him and his wife get out of bed and overturned the mattress.

John thought to himself: it was a good thing he didn’t have a gun in the nightstand, or under the mattress or both men would have been armed. John swallowed hard, wishing he had a better solution but knew he would have not been any better off. His own gun could have been used against him, and almost certainly would have been stolen.

His neighbor continued. Next one of the men demanded he take them to the safe and open it. He tried to stall, knowing the alarm company would have alerted police by now and they would be there any minute. One of the men beat him with the metal bar repeatedly in the ribs and arms, and threatened to kill his wife if he delayed any longer. After about 20 minutes of beatings and a couple of miss-dialings of the combination, he finally got it open. He was sure the police would have been there by then. The next thing he remembers was getting cold water dumped on his head, his hands and feet were duct tapped and he was placed in the bath tub. He couldn’t see his wife anywhere, but heard her muffled crying.

The alarm company never did call or alert the police, and they learned later the men had somehow been able to disable the trusted alarm system.

By this time a small group of concerned listeners were starting to form right there in the store. Someone in the crowd said they read an article that stated as desperation goes up, criminals and even normal people will form groups in order to survive, often these groups will make a living stealing what they need. These people become more organized and violent as they progress.

John instantly thought this clearly wasn’t one of those types of incidents…was it? He tried to comfort himself and deny that could possibly be the case.

As time passed, John’s neighbor and his wife got a divorce. She no longer felt safe with him.

John and his wife had a few discussions after the incident about how to prevent or stop an attack like that if it were to happen to them. He could see it caused his wife great distress and anguish to even think about it.

John started to come to the conclusion that she was losing confidence in him. She started to question and debate more often and they were not getting along like they used to. Neither of them wanted to put bars on the windows and make their home feel like a prison. Nor did they want any of that over the top prepping doomsday stuff you see on TV. But they did need to feel safe, and moving wasn’t the answer because they were already in a respectable neighborhood.

John decided to take a gun training class to learn things like home defense and tactical maneuvers for checking your home and clearing rooms. He learned that police and firearm training instructors consider a shotgun the best choice for defending your home. They taught that a shotgun has much greater short range stopping power, and statistics showed that more people survived a pistol shot. Spirits were getting higher and John found it was fun to learn how to defend himself and his family. Everyone at the class started to feel like they were “ready for the boogie man.”

After the class, John asked the instructor what he would do if he found himself in his friend’s situation. The instructor got a very concerned look and then joked that no one could sneak up on him! The instructor asked John what he would have done. John responded that he had initially thought about a dog but the police found poisoned meat in the abandoned car.

John felt gun training was helpful, he learned about safe handling of a firearm. But he continued to wonder what if the villains came back to their neighborhood? What if they increased in numbers, firepower, or violence? He didn’t want to make believe they were living in a war zone and totally change their lifestyle. More importantly, he didn’t want to lose his wife’s weakening confidence in him as the protector and provider.

John’s neighbor lost everything in one unexpected event. He lost his gold and silver coin collection, his wife’s valuable jewelry, his comfortable home, and even his wife. And in exchange, he got a spirit of fear and suspicion. All victims of home invasion crimes experience this to varying degrees.

One day, John resorted to a Google search of “quick draw furniture shotgun,” and he discovered the GunBed website. The page says that a Gunbed “puts you in control of a violent home invasion, and protects you and your family for the rest of your lives.” John could see in the video that the entire quick-draw process occurs in about one to two seconds while in the comfort of your own bed. Meaning, that one to two seconds from the time you suspect an intruder has entered your home, you are armed and ready to defend yourself and your family!

“That’s it!” John said to himself. The GunBed seemed expensive at first but after some research he found it was actually priced about the same as any other solid wood bed frame. But the other beds did not come with the gun compartment! Money was tight so John decided to put it off for a while to think about it.

Finally as the economy continued to fall and crimes were on the rise, John called the number form the GunBed website in desperation. In much relief, they answered and were more than helpful. To John’s surprise he was able to have a custom GunBed made just for him. They had more contemporary designs than what he saw earlier on the website, which he knew would make his wife happy. After all of the details were taken care of,  the GunBed shipped shortly after.

When the GunBed arrived, John thought it would be best to inspect it right there at the back of the truck. It was made of top quality wood and very well constructed. As John admired his new purchase, he noticed a shadowed figure in the fringes, someone was watching him…looming just out of sight, hiding in the recesses of distant shrubbery studying him. He looked dirty, dark, and unshaven. The figure slipped out of sight as soon as he noticed John watching him. This was not the first time John had seen people watching his neighborhood, and he knew it was not going to be the last. John hurriedly got his new purchase into the house before anyone else noticed.

In the house John found the set up was easy, even for him. The bed came in a few pieces but they easily locked together with the hardware. John practiced a few times with the gun unloaded, until he felt confident enough to use it in a stressful encounter. He suggested she lie down beside him, to see where she would be in relation to the gun when it comes out of the headboard. After pressing the tip board and the shotgun dropped into his hands, he quickly pointed it at the door. Things had been stressful at their house, Johns wife smiled, it was clear she was feeling safer in her home, and she had a restored confidence in her husbands ability to protect their little family. This new headboard meant no longer having the clutter and danger of a gun next to the bed. They no longer worried about anyone unauthorized finding it.

John kept seeing the dark figure in his mind. But, he found it was easier to sleep and provide a safe haven because of his new security, all thanks to the GunBed.

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